Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Swingline Stapler

Have you seen my Swingline Stapler?” The movie Office Space had a lot of flair and this red Swingline stapler is a great replica of the one used in the movie. It is the ultimate desktop accessory and one that will make your desk eye-popping. The Swingline Stapler does what it says it keeps your office material together in a neat way, but too much time with it and you could become quite attached like another stapler lover that shall remain nameless. Pay homage to a great working man’s movie and add the Swingline Stapler to your other desk notables

People sometimes form very strong bonds to inanimate objects. This is especially the case when you come into daily contact with, say, a red Swingline stapler. The ultimate utilitarian desktop accessory. Its vibrant red color stands out amongst the grays and beiges that consume office space. The sleek, smooth retro lines. The sheer weight. The precise, solid movement. The mechanics. The thick, dense sound as paper is conjoined... One thing is certain - you will never covet an office supply as much you will your red Swingline stapler.

History of Swingline Stapler

Swingline Stapler was founded in 1925 in New York City by Jack Linsky as the Parrot Speed Fastener Company, and opened its first manufacturing facility in Long Island City in 1931. In 1939, the company changed its name to Speed Products, and in 1956, became Swingline. It became a division of ACCO Brands (then a division of Fortune Brands) in 1987. The factory name, Swingline, was a large iconic sign on top of the Queens building.

In the late 1990s, Swingline Stapler shut down production in Long Island City, New York, and moved the production of premium staplers and staples to Mexico and began production of economy plastic staplers in China. As of 2009, the all-metal 747 Classic stapler was produced in China.

In 1998 an internet boycott began after it was revealed that Swingline Staplers had moved their production facilities to Mexico and China from the United States.

Swingline Stapler Technical Details

  • Bold, head-turning design and legendary performance the star of any office space.

  • Workhorse 747 architecture updated for the contemporary workspace: increased strength, superior reliability, evolved form.

  • All-metal construction for enhanced durability and stability.

  • Performance driven mechanism with an inner rail for jam resistant stability and long-term stapling integrity.

  • Limited lifetime warranty.